EP 45 - UNAVISION - Faith in the Beginning

From the beginning, faith has been a large piece of God's plan and righteousness. It did not start during the time of Jesus. In fact, there are many examples in the Old Testament; which also proves that the Jews did not think that their righteousness came from the obedience of the law. Faith is mentioned long before the written law and has never lost its importance in our walk with the Lord.

EP 40 - UNAVISION - Tabernacles and Joshua

The Festival of Tabernacles is a very important festival in the Bible. It was a special time between the Lord and his people; and between families. The Lord chose this time for relationship. As we look at Joshua and Israel get ready to fight Jericho we also see another side of the Lord, the Lord of Hosts.

EP 37 - UNAVISION - His Heart is in the Commandments

Many think that the commandments are no longer valid or needed, but that is not true. The commandments show us God's heart; and the holy scriptures tell us that there is blessing in keeping them. There is also responsibility to protect and teach them since we have been made part of the priesthood.