EP 79 - The Living Word Speaks - How Do You Think About You

Do we think about ourselves in the truth of the Bible or the criticisms and negative thoughts that we have been taught in our lives? The Word of God has power to transform us, but so do negative thoughts. It is time to live in the truth of who we really are; in the truth of God's thoughts towards us.

EP 74 - The Living Word Speaks - The Tongue and the Heart

Many of us think that if we clean up our speech we are becoming a better person. But, the issue is much deeper than what we say because what we say is first formed in the heart. So, the heart must be renewed for our speech to truly be renewed. Listen in as we discuss this reality.

EP 69 - The Living Word Speaks - The Fourth Floor

We must take responsibility for our hearing, making sure we hear accurately what is in the holy scriptures, the Bible. But, we also must realize that we have been born again; and that being born again means that everything is different now. I am not on the first floor anymore. I am on the fourth floor.

EP 67 - The Living Word Speaks - Baptized in His Death

What does it mean in Romans chapter 6 when it says that we are baptized in His death? And, What does it look like to be resurrected into this newness of life? If you are not sure, listen in as we take a look at Cain and Able to explain.

EP 66 - The Living Word Speaks - Understanding the New Creation

What is spiritual life? Or what does it look like for God to be in me and for me to be in God? And what does it mean that I am baptized in death? Salvation is only the beginning of our walk with the Lord.  We have been called into a completely new and different life that is not of this earth. It is from above.

EP 65 - The Living Word Speaks -

The people of Israel were aware of the Kingdom to come. They understood that Messiah would bring the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit. What they did not fully understand was what this new born again life looked like with the Holy Spirit and just how great the mercy of the Lord is.