Prayer - Every Son Is Tested

Every son that is in the Kingdom is tested. Even Yeshua was tested. We have to remain in the spirit in order to overcome the enemy. When we are soulish, we are not equipped to fight against temptation and obtain victory in our battles.  

Prayer - Glorifying His Name

We have to remember that prayer was a part of the Jewish culture. But the intimacy that Jesus prayed with had not been seen before. This deep connection with the Father is what we should desire. And it is this kind of connection that brings honor to His name. 

Prayer - As It Is In Heaven

The approach to prayer in the Hebrew culture was to have reverence for the Father. Yeshua had that reverence and He also had the connection to the heart of the Father. He knew how to declare what was in heaven here on the earth. We are called to walk in that same authority. 

Prayer - Stay Stedfast

In Numbers 13-15, we see how the enemy brings pychological warfare to get the people to doubt the faithfulness of God. This is why prayer is so important in our walk with the Lord because it keeps us stedfast in the promises of God.