Hebraic Roots

Hebraic Roots is a term that was well defined by Jesus and his disciples. The term is easily seen in the writings of Isaiah 51:1-2. This was a promise of God to Abraham to look to the Rock. The Rock was known as the God who called Abraham to walk with him. Hebraic Roots ties the God of this Old Testament Rock with the Rock of the New Testament, giving us a comprehensive view of God's plan.



Discipleship is a central thought to the teachings that the Rabbis expressed to their students. Unfortunately, our church background has weakened the importance of this method of teaching. It is however a part of the soil of teaching that brought the fruit and prepared the nation for the coming events of God. The challenge is to all of us - Are we willing to lose our lives? Because that is the cost of discipleship.



The definition of Evangelism is to bring something of value to benefit others. In the spiritual realm, we call it good news. In the financial market, we define it as something that promotes the material status of another person and their success. Those who provide these services are called evangelists. Why? Because they travel worldwide with excitement of their method of bringing success - which in their terms is good news. However, Evangelism in the spiritual has the higher value. One of the last statements Jesus left us with is, "What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?". Evangelism should be our life.

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