Yeshua's Deliverance

As we entered the house early Sunday evening, the living room was to the left and a kitchen area to the right with the dining room table. The room was divided by the living room furniture. We were greeted by Samuel Chavez’s wife, daughter(17) and youngest son, David(11).  They insisted we sit down so we settled at the table while others remained on the couch across the room. Pastor started ministering to Samuel’s wife with specific words of knowledge which began to penetrate her heart with the love of God. The presence of God came in and she began to break as no one from the church had ever given her a moment’s notice. She was always passed by and looked over. Yet, here, a man of God from America was speaking the very thoughts of God from His word directly to her. The words of knowledge were so specific and precise they continued to flow for each of Samuel’s children.

While Pastor Weintraub and Sarah concluded the ministry to the second oldest son, Samuel brought in his eldest, Byron, with his wife, Priscilla and their little infant, Joshua. Pastor and Sarah started asking him questions. Byron gave very short answers with a sly smirk. As Pastor Weintraub began to direct his questions concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, Byron became quiet and stiffly crossed his arms looking away. At one point, a laugh of mockery proceeded out of his mouth which ignited the bulldog of persistence in Pastor Weintraub! He continued with questions and pleas for Byron to repeat such as “Lord, come and soften my hard heart” and “C’mon, just simply ask the Lord for help.” As these pleas came forth, Byron broke his silence and fired back with excuses of why he obstinately REFUSED to do what Pastor Weintraub was asking him to do. His excuses involved previous accounts of how he would get shot, arrested, struggle financially or even go to prison when he cried out to God.  At this moment, it was apparent this man’s soul was being held by the kingdom of darkness and the thought of him not receiving the Lord was unacceptable.

Byron started shaking his head back and forth. His lips closed really tight as if he wanted to speak but it was clear the demons were not allowing it. This provoked the Holy Spirit in Pastor Weintraub. He leapt out of his seat, with his finger clearly pointing at Byron, shouting in tongues at the demons who were ruling from within. He addressed the demons directly and said, “I’ve dealt with you before, I know who you are” as he walked to put his hand on his head. Evan moved to Pastor Weintraub’s side with his hand over Byron’s stomach praying in Spanish, English, and in tongues. Byron’s eyes moved to the back of his head and all that was visible were the whites of his eyes. The demon spoke in Spanish, “Es mio, Es mio” while moving his head back and forth and passively walking sideways to try and get away. The demon knew the authority of the Holy Spirit and was subdued by the anointing! (Byron was a very strong man and could have easily hurt anyone of us.) Pastor Weintraub and Evan walked with him, maintaining contact, while Sarah and I moved from our interceding positions to the front lines of the battle. Evan positioned himself around Byron, to restrain him from behind. We all knew in the Spirit that we were dealing with a very strong demon accompanied by many weaker ones. Jimmy was behind Sarah and myself, interceding with prayer while watching and waiting for instructions.

As we continued to pray, the Holy Spirit revealed we were dealing with a murder spirit and He began to instruct us as to how to fight.  We specifically started praying over his stomach and Byron became visibly uncomfortable and he began to heave as if to vomit. The heat from the presence of God was very strong and he took off his hooded sweatshirt. His chest and arms were marked with tattoos while his stomach bore the marks of bullet wounds and major surgery.  As we prayed and put a t-shirt on Byron, we could sense we were coming up against a wall that we couldn’t move past. It was at this moment, that Samuel picked up this HUGE household Bible and began reading passages from the Gospels. Byron began to heave and mildly throw up. The reading of the word and prayer intensified while Marlin began to go head to head with the murder spirit in Byron. The demon became aggressive and grabbed Marlin’s jacket by the throat as if to choke and kill him. Evan restrained him from behind, while Jimmy jumped in to restrain him from the front. Simultaneously, I grabbed Byron’s forearm to restrict him from gaining another inch on Marlin’s throat while Sarah prayerfully went after the demon harboring in his stomach. This was the peak of the fight. He began to vomit as we cast out the murder spirit. Yeshua’s deliverance was happening right before our eyes! Evan, Sarah and Byron’s parents began to speak truth over him and tell him that he was loved. A peace started to enter into the room. We all gathered around him and he finally began to nod his head and perhaps for the first time in his life, receive the love of God into his heart. We then asked him if he wanted to receive Jesus Christ into his life.  He agreed and we prayed with him. His wife, Priscilla, came to his side to give him a hug and their baby Joshua was placed in Byron’s arms. It was at this moment that Byron told Pastor if he would pray because he wanted to dedicate his son to the Lord!