The Sotos Family

Shalom shalom Mishpocah (family)!

It's already November or Cheshvan in the Hebrew calendar. Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors, and the temperatures are already dropping. Praise God for this last month, October (Tishrei). We just ended one of my favorite months in all of the Hebrew calendar, one in which we celebrated Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Wow! On top of that, Priscilla and I were able to go to Guatemala with Pastor Weintraub, Sarah, and Jimmy to the city of Quetzal from September 26th-October 3rd. We really appreciate all the prayers because we truly were in a fight against principalities while we were there. We prayed against and cast out a murder spirit, dedicated a baby, led eight or more people to the Lord, and got to see one family completely changed by the Gospel. If you're wondering what family I'm speaking of, it is the Sotos family. From the first time we visited their house, we were welcomed by the most boisterous, deeply grateful Carlos and his family. Carlos was so excited for Pastor Weintraub and the rest of us to come to his workshop which consisted of a dirt floor with a tin roof (very open to the weather conditions), a few sewing machines, and tables for their tailoring business. When we arrived Mele, Carlos' wife, went and bought us these small sweet loaves of bread and made us a very tasty instant coffee. We sat down and the Spirit moved. Pastor Weintarub began to speak to each of Carlos' family members with words of knowledge and with a specific rebuke for Rudy, the middle of the three sons. We knew it was the Spirit speaking because it took a very indifferent young man and brought about a broken and contrite young man. The change in Rudy was immediate and the specifics were there for the other two sons, Juan Carlos and David as well. Pastor Weintraub spoke to Kimberley, the youngest and to Carlos and Mele as well. We prayed with each of them, anointing them with oil and covering them under the tallit.  The family was so in unison, if one cried they all cried and if one laughed they all laughed. On our second visit to see them, the change in Rudy was visible and the whole family was so excited to see us and to be taught the Word. When we arrived it had just begun to rain, and it was so strong that we were practically leaning over each other so we could hear what Pastor Weintraub was saying. That family really impacted me the most and I hope you too will keep them in your prayers daily. There is a great assignment of the enemy to try and destroy what labor was done there but we know it will not stand.  Continue to pray for the ground to be broken up and the hunger to grow within each one of the Sotos hearts and that the religious spirits would be exposed and cast out.