Olive Branch Ministries has been in the Atlanta, Georgia area for over eight years. We have been teaching in the Hebraic Roots movement for over 12 years and have been discipling and evangelizing for over 30 years in numerous different cities, states, and even countries. This is our mission. It requires constant study and personal involvement in our community as we seek to train up the next generation to stand fast in the Gospel.


     Olive Branch Ministries also strives as much as possible to build a corporate reality of the Body of Christ. In Acts, Luke relates that the early church made a decision concerning the ministry to the Body and they are quoted as saying, "It seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit". This statement is prevalent in our midst. We always strive to give the Holy Spirit the correct place as leader and discerner of all conditions.

     We also love fellowship! We have a rich tradition of waiters and waitresses who know us by name as we take our body life into local restaurants and Starbucks. There is no greater movement of God than when a staff member experiences the wisdom of the Holy Spirit for their life away from the walls of the building.


Pastor Richard Weintraub

Pastor Weintraub has been in full time ministry for over thirty years. He originally studied Psychology at Boston College. When he met the Lord during his final year of school he knew the Lord was calling him to go to bible school. He attended bible school in Massachusetts and upon graduating he was led again by the Lord to go to Israel, the historical land of his people. At the Wailing Wall, during a moment of prayer, the Lord invited him on a journey to get to know his heritage and the history of the people of Jesus, the Messiah of Israel.

It is now some 25 years later. He has helped start, or started himself, four different communities of believers in three different locations (Atlanta is actually a return to the location of his first mission). He was initially a part of the budding Messianic movement that grew in the 1990's, but has since drawn towards Hebraic Roots and the richness of the historical bible as seen through the eyes of its Jewish writers.